What Do Personal Injury Lawyers Do

Aaron Watson is a personal injury lawyer and owner of The Watson Firm in Pensacola, Florida and Fort Walton Beach, Florida. In this video, attorney Watson explains what personal injury lawyers do. There are many different types of lawyers . A personal injury lawyer is a civil lawyer handling mostly negligence cases such as car accidents and professional malpractice, and cases involving intentional torts such as assault or battery. Attorney Aaron Watson practices law in Pensacola, Florida and Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Whenever a personal is harmed after a car accident, truck accident, medical negligence, manufacturer negligence, etc., they retain a personal injury lawyer to pursue money damages to compensate them. A personal injury lawyer files a lawsuit in order to obtain money for the victim of an incident. If you believe that you have been the victim of someone’s negligence, you may have a personal injury case. The Watson Firm in Pensacola in Fort Walton Beach provides free personal injury case evaluations. Visit watsonfirm.com or call the law firm at 850-607-2929 for a free case evaluation today.